Three Full-Time Positions Open at Purdue

Three full-time positions are open at Purdue to support and utilize the SuperCam instrument on the Perseverance Mars rover and related investigations. We intend to hire a Research Scientist for Mars science, a Data Management Expert, and a Postdoctoral Fellow. Successful candidates will work directly with the SuperCam Principal Investigator (Roger Wiens) at Purdue and with the local and extended team. 

The Research Scientist position is intended to support Mars science and operations with SuperCam and laboratory and analog-sample supporting investigations. The latter includes supporting establishment of a laboratory for planetary LIBS, Raman, and reflectance spectroscopies. Experience with one or more of these techniques is necessary, and experience with Mars rover instrument operations is desirable. The position is long-term and intended to be beyond the postdoctoral level. The successful candidate will receive full support. The position comes with the opportunity to submit proposals for research. Application link:

The position in Data Management entails developing an accessible database of SuperCam images and spectra, from both Mars and from the laboratory, maintaining  and continued development of the SuperCam ground data pipeline, and assembling and validating SuperCam data for submission to NASA’s Planetary Data System. We are looking for an experienced professional with a bachelor’s degree (minimum), proficiency in Python, and experience with AWS cloud systems, including Lambda, DynamoDB Database, and Docker. Application link:

The Postdoctoral Fellow position is aimed at carrying out investigations with SuperCam and rover data to understand Mars geology and past habitability. A planetary geochemistry and mineralogy background is required (PhD within last 5 years). Experience with LIBS, Raman, or reflectance spectroscopy is strongly desired. Application link: 

Interested persons are encouraged to contact Prof. Wiens ([email protected]) for more information.