ICF-CIRIR 2022 Call for Abstracts

International Congress Festival
June 28-July 3, 2022
Rochechouart, France

This event has no equivalent in the world of congresses, nor in that of festivals. It is distinguished both by the merits and by its subject. It is centered on and supported by its geographical location and by its topic “ASTEROID IMPACT” scientifically, biologically, geologically, culturally, socially, artistically, and economically.

ICF-CIRIR 2022 mixes science, popular celebration, and natural/cultural/historical heritage. It brings together experts from around the world and the general public. At the same time, it draws attention to the diversity and richness of the heritage of this once remote territory, which is now under the spotlight thanks to this asteroid impact and the international mobilization that has made it known and stand out.

The conference has four main topics:
Session 1- June 29, 2022 – Rochechouart – Session dedicated to results and/or projects (basic research or restitution) on the Rochechouart impact (including distal effects).
Session 2- June 30, 2022– Other Terrestrial impacts- Session dedicated to results and/or projects (basic research or restitution) on terrestrial impact structures and large and distal impact deposits.
Session 3- July 1, 2022– Impacts/Geoheritage/Geopark/UNESCO labels/Geotourism and means for making any World Heritage attractive and profitable to the public.
Session 4- July 2, 2022– Other Research and Restitution results and/or projects related to asteroids and impacts (Meteoritics, Extraterrestrial resources, Planetary defense, Origin of Life, Habitability of planets).

Up to 30 travel awards of €600 to €1200 will be granted on merit to outstanding undergraduate, or graduate students, and young postdocs presenting an abstract. Underrepresented geographic locations (e.g., low/middle-income countries), and applications from women from any geographic locations are strongly encouraged.

April 25,2022 : Deadline for abstract submission (and for travel grant requests)

Theme dinners, evening conference, and entertainment every night
Co-organized by local communities and by the CIRIR :
Rochechouart (June 29),
Confolens (June 30– Asteroid Day),
Saint Junien (July 1)
Chassenon (July 2)