PhD Student Position in Chemistry With Focus on Planetary Geochemistry and Spectroscopy

Is there water on Mars? What is the role of water in martian geochemical history? How can we reveal the potential water resources for future human explorations on Mars?

If you are interested in discovering all these fascinating phenomena related to Mars, you are welcomed to apply for a fully funded four-year PhD student position. You should have a particular fascination for and interest in advancing knowledge of Mars geochemistry by bridging laboratory results with martian orbit data.  

You will work with the newly established Yeşilbaş Lab at Umeå University, Sweden. You will integrate into the Molecular Geochemistry and Environmental Chemistry research environments of the Department of Chemistry, and work with various analytical platforms of the Chemical and Biological Center. Furthermore, the successful candidate will have a chance to collaborate with several international research teams including NASA. The successful candidate should have a MSc or equivalent degree in geochemistry, planetary science, astrobiology, or physical chemistry. Practical experience in vibrational spectroscopy to characterize minerals, rocks and soils and/or advanced spectral data evaluation (MATLAB, R, Python) are meriting. Experience in remote sensing (ENVI-IDL) software is also meriting but not required.

Click here to apply through our e-recruitment system. The application deadline is May 24, 2022

For more information, contact Assistant Professor Dr. Merve Yeşilbaş at [email protected].