Job Announcement: Organic Analyses at NASA JSC

This is an informal heads-up announcement for a job opening in organics analyses at JSC. The Astromaterials Research Office, part of the Astromaterials Research and Exploration Science (ARES) Division of the Exploration Integration and Science Directorate, NASA Johnson Space Center, anticipates filling a planetary scientist civil service position during 2022. This position is included within a broad specialty that involves study of the origin, composition, structure, and evolution of organic material in astromaterial samples, including meteorites, asteroids, and planetary bodies. For this position, we seek a planetary scientist with expertise in organics, focused analyses of planetary materials using spectroscopy, spectrometry, or other techniques with demonstrated expertise in making both in situ and ex situ measurements. The successful candidate will be expected to support their research program by attracting funds through peer-reviewed proposals to NASA programs such as Emerging Worlds, Exobiology, and/or through involvement in NASA planetary missions. Contributions to other ARES enterprises, such as research that advances curation knowledge for sample return or the formulation of eventual human-crewed missions to Mars, would also be strongly encouraged; JSC is the home of NASA human spaceflight.

All candidates must use the website to prepare and submit applications, and United States citizenship is required to be eligible for this civil service position. We anticipate filling the position at the GS-13 level at a starting date to be negotiated. Interested parties may direct informal inquiries to Dr. Justin Filiberto, Manager, Astromaterials Research Office, at [email protected]. This is scheduled to open for applications on or around April 27.