MedGU Special Session: Astrogeology, Impact Craters, and Meteorites

Special Session on Astrogeology, Impact Craters, and Meteorites
November 28, 2022
2:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. Morocco Local Time (UTC +0)

This special session is dedicated to oral/poster presentations on new discoveries and research advances focusing on astrogeology, impact craters, and meteorites from the following disciplines: astronomy, geology, physics (geophysics, astrophysics), and chemistry (geochemistry and cosmochemistry). The multidisciplinary approach involving astrophysicists and geologists is fundamental to better understanding and knowing more about the evolution of planets and asteroids.

Impact cratering is a fundamental science of understanding and following the evolution of planets, including Earthโ€™s history. African and Arabian countries have a low number of officially recognized impact structures, and significant discoveries are expected. Given the large extension of deserts and old surfaces in these regions, further explorations of new impact craters should be conducted.

The aim of this session is to know more and learn about the impact structures that remained underexplored. The session will discuss the newest studies on meteorites and showcase discoveries in meteoritics. In particular, it will focus on the contribution of meteorites collected in Africa and the Arab countries to meteoritics and planetary science development.

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