Job Opportunity: Project Manager for the Sample Receiving Project (SRP)

NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) are working together to bring samples of martian material to Earth for scientific study. Mars 2020 and its Perseverance rover is the first mission of this international interplanetary campaign, and currently collecting samples to cache on Mars for future retrieval. Two additional missions are planned for the Mars Sample Return campaign to follow the Mars 2020 mission to bring samples to Earth in 2033. These samples will be important scientific evidence of a place other than Earth known to be friendly to life in the past and will help answer a key question: did life ever exist on Mars? 

NASA is searching for a hands-on Project Manager responsible for the overall technical and programmatic direction of the Mars Sample Receiving Project (SRP). This project is the final project of the Mars Sample Return campaign once samples are brought to Earth and includes all aspects of post-flight activities including spacecraft and sample recovery operations after Earth entry; design, development, and operation of a BSL-4 equivalent containment facility for sample safety assessment; enabling and administering mission sample science; and the curation of the martian samples for study and long-term storage. 

The Project Manager will work with cross-agency and international teams of scientists, engineers, architects, technicians, vendors, and international partners to develop plans, identify risks, and manage performance and schedule within budget to achieve project goals. They will partner closely with JSC, JPL, NASA HQ, and ESA leaders to proactively define and manage project content as well as determine or participate in determining the scope of each life cycle phase and develop the products for major reviews and decisions. 

Applications are due by August 15, 2022. To learn more and apply, visit

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