Invitation to Contribute to PSJ Special Issue: Towards In Situ Observations of Planetary Surface-Atmosphere Interactions

We invite the community to submit papers to a Planetary Science Journal special issue, “Towards in situ observations of planetary surface-atmosphere interactions.” The goal of this special issue is to showcase recent research into surface-atmosphere interactions that can be constrained by in situ observations of present-day processes and their environmental drivers and to develop a list of outstanding questions addressable by in situ measurements on another world. For this special issue, we invite researchers to submit papers that explore the intersection of these processes and how in situ measurements on another world might answer questions regarding their scope, scale, and landform sculpting. Papers that focus on fundamental physical processes or activity on a specific planetary body (including Earth) are welcome, as long as the work relates to processes or investigations relevant to planetary science studies. Mission, instrument, or operations concept papers are also welcome as long as they are tied strongly to relevant key science questions and would enable the collection of relevant in situ measurements.

The notional schedule is for papers to be submitted through November 2022 so the issue will come out by March 2023. Please direct questions about this special issue to Serina Diniega at [email protected]. The other guest editors are Lou Giersch (JPL), Jack Gillies (DRI), Brian Jackson (BSU), Alejandro Soto (SwRI), and Tim Titus (USGS). Submission instructions and page charges are explained at Fee waivers for those with need can be requested through PSJ. Please email Serina for more information.