Seminar Announcement: 4th International Workshop on Electron Probe Micro-analysis

Electron probe microanalysis (EPMA) is commonly used to analyze the composition of solid geological materials to help answer a wide range of fundamental questions in geological and planetary sciences. The goal of this four-day course is to educate undergraduates, graduates, and early career researchers in the theory and practice of EPMA, with a specific focus on its application to geochemistry on different disciplines. This will be achieved through a set of online lectures covering topics ranging from conventional major element quantitative analysis to new developments in X-ray mapping, k-ratios, trace element analysis, measuring oxidation state and water content of hydrous glasses, tracing mantle processes, halogen measurements, and magmatic sulfide implications. 

We will also discuss the meteorite classification process by using EPMA, and give emphasis on the importance of meteorites related with planetary formation and impact hazards, and sample return missions from other celestial bodies. Furthermore, two live demonstrations using JEOL and CAMECA instruments of how someone is measuring on EPMA will be given during the virtual workshop.

The seminar will be virtual from Agricultural University of Athens on March 27-30, 2023.

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