Postdoctoral Researcher in Venus Global Climate Modeling

An exciting opportunity for a three-year postdoctoral research position is available at The Open University to develop and perform experiments with a Venus Global Climate Model in preparation for future missions.

The role is an exciting combination of numerical modeling to simulate global climate environment of the atmosphere of Venus, and comparison to spacecraft observation data. Our aim is to develop a new climate model of Venus to identify the most likely cause of the observed sporadic high-altitude occurrences of atmospheric sulfur species and determine the likelihood of a direct link to surface geological activity. This work is to be performed in preparation of several high-profile missions to Venus in the 2030s from both NASA and ESA. 

The role holder will join a vibrant atmospheric research group within the School of Physical Sciences, making use of the group’s high-performance computing facility based in the STEM Faculty.

The preferred candidate will have a Ph.D. (or close to completion) in atmospheric physics or a closely related field with knowledge and experience of numerical modeling of planetary atmospheres. The salary within the specified range will be dependent on Ph.D. award status and commensurate with the level of experience to date. 

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