Call for Papers: Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Special Issue

For 16 years, the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) has used its three cameras, multi-spectral imaging spectrometer, shallow radar, and atmospheric sounder to observe the surface, subsurface, and atmosphere of Mars at unprecedented spatial resolution and with expanded coverage in space and time. Over time, these observing capabilities have changed in response both to the technical changes inherent in a long-lived deep-space mission and to operational planning changes in response to what the MRO observations were telling us about the planet itself. For instance, although designed to “follow the water” of an ancient Mars climate, the very high spatial resolution imaging and growing timeline of observations has enabled MRO to reveal unprecedented changes occurring on the planet today (e.g., recurring slope lineae; annual patterns of regional dust storms). 

A special upcoming issue of Icarus will give an overview of the evolving capabilities of MRO and its investigations, its key findings, and evolving strategies. It will also include papers on the latest findings, together with plans for the ongoing exploration of Mars by MRO.

Submissions are open through May 1, 2023.

Link: Call for papers – Icarus | by Elsevier. Please select “Article Type = SI: MRO: 16 Years at Mars.”

Guest editors: Rich Zurek and Leslie Tamppari