Upcoming NASA Advisory Committee Meetings: NAC Science and PAC

The next NASA Advisory Council (NAC) Science Committee meeting will be May 31-June 1. This advisory committee primarily issues findings to the NASA Science Mission Directorate (SMD). The upcoming NAC Science Committee meeting agenda and other information about this group can be found at https://science.nasa.gov/science-committee/meetings.

The next NASA Planetary Science Advisory Committee (PAC) meeting will be June 21-23. This advisory committee primarily issues findings to NASA Planetary Science Division (PSD). The agenda for the upcoming PAC meeting is not yet posted, but will be available in a few weeks at https://science.nasa.gov/researchers/nac/science-advisory-committees/pac. Currently available information includes past meeting agendas and findings, committee membership, and a โ€œPAC 101โ€ slide package that explains the role and rules of the PAC.

Both of these meetings are open to the public (and virtual connection information is usually on the agenda), and there are specific periods when comments from the community are solicited.