American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting 2023 Session P041: The New Mars Underground

The characterization of the martian subsurface is progressing at an unprecedented pace, stimulated by several extended missions, the preparation for Mars Sample Return, the proposed Mars Life Explorer, and human exploration in the coming decades. Ongoing efforts aim at characterizing 1) the physical, chemical, and thermodynamical properties of the martian interior; 2) the distribution and stability of modern liquid water and water ice inventories; 3) the provenance, cycling, and isotopic composition of organics and trace gases that may serve as potential biosignatures; and 4) the identification of habitable “refugia environments” where local conditions might be conducive to support an extant martian biosphere, should it exist. For our sixth “New Mars Underground,” we welcome abstracts relevant to these themes, and to the characterization of the subsurface in general. We anticipate contributions informed by remote observations, theoretical modeling, mission concept development, and applied experimentation of relevant terrestrial analogs.

Abstract deadline: August 2, 2023
Abstract submission link:

Sincerely, the Conveners:
Rachel L. Harris (Harvard University)
Sylvain Piqueux (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)