NASA’s Planetary Science Division Facilities

NASA’s Planetary Science Division (PSD) is evolving how it deals with funded facilities. As part of this activity, NASA is working to identify current facilities, how they are working, and the extent to which they serve the science needs of the broader planetary community. Consequently, NASA’s PSD has released an RFI to the Planetary Science Community and will hold a special session on this topic at the 2016 LPSC meeting and is inviting members of the community to submit abstracts for oral or poster presentation, describing their facility, its capabilities, its uses, and its potential service to the community at large. This process is initiated in the effort to assess best practices and identify a series of lessons learned, as well as provide information for future plans and strategies supporting a balanced PSD R&A portfolio.

 NASA Memo to Planetary Science Community 12–2016
 2015–16 Planetary Facilities Review Summary

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