NASA’s Planetary Science Division Facilities

LPSC Special Session

Special Session on NASA’s Planetary Science Division Facilities: The session is open to abstracts from any person or group who feels that they have a facility that has a substantial user base outside the in-house users and clearly advances the broader field. We do not want to overprescribe who should or should not submit an abstract but rely on members of the community to use their judgement as to whether their facility fits these criteria. We hope this effort will help our present facilities as well as ones not funded by PSD get more visibility within the community but specially with members who may not know about them or their capabilities. Presentations could be an oral talk of 10 minutes + 5 minutes Q&A or a poster. They should provide a summary of your facility and its capabilities. The goal through these talks or posters is to inform members of the community about what is available and how to take advantage of it. NASA will also use this session as part of the definition of a potential future facilities funding program. Abstracts submitted to this session will not count against the limit of two abstracts per first author for science presentations at LPSC.

  Oral presentations
  Poster presentations

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