Science Goals for a Returned Sample of the Martian Atmosphere

Bruce M. Jakosky
Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics
Campus box 392
University of Colorado
Boulder, CO 80309

[email protected]


Goals for Science Return from a Returned Sample of the Martian Atmosphere:

Vugraph 1: 1.) Isotope ratios in present-day martian atmosphere (C,H,N,O, noble gases)

Vugraph 2: 2.) 14C abundance in atmosphere

Vugraph 3: 3.) Properties of airborne dust

Vugraph 4: 4.) Detection of stable minor species

Vugraph 5: 5.) Detection of reactive minor species

Vugraph 6: 6.) What about water?

Vugraph 7: 7.) Polar ice

Vugraph 8: Other issues to consider:

Vugraph 9: Sample issues and requirements

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