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3D Anaglyph of Meteor Crater

Barringer Meteorite Crater (a.k.a. Meteor Crater) is the best preserved and most dramatic impact crater on the surface of the Earth. Two aerial photographs of the crater have been processed so that a 3D view of the crater is visible with red-blue glasses. The image is oriented with west at the top and east at the bottom. The sinuous Canyon Diablo is at the top of the image. Scroll down to find Meteor Crater. The crater is approximately 1.2 kilometers in diameter. The uplifted rim rises 30 to 60 meters above the surrounding plain. The resolution in the image is so high that individual bushes and trees are visible around the crater. The museum complex is visible on the north side of the crater. See the geology guidebook for details about the rocks visible in the crater walls and in the surrounding impact ejecta blanket.

Image should be viewed using red-blue stereo glasses.

  Higher Resolution Anaglyph (6.9 MB)

3d Anaglyph of Meteor Crater

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