Cover of Guidebook to The Geology of Barringer Meteorite Crater, Arizona - 2nd Edition

QuickBird Satellite Imagery

The QuickBird satellite, owned and operated by DigitalGlobe, Inc., was launched 18 October 2001. It provides panchromatic (B&W) imagery with ~60 cm resolution and multi-spectral (color) imagery with ~2 m resolution. This particular color image of Barringer Meteorite Crater (aka Meteor Crater) was captured on 13 June 2002 and distribution is restricted (copyright). The image is used here with permission. We invite users to explore the image and details of the impact crater with the Zoomify tool. Additional details about QuickBird can be found on Wikipedia.

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QuickBird image copyright 2010 Digital Globe

QuickBird Satellite Image provided by DigitalGlobe and Satellite Imaging Corporation