Lunar Sourcebook

Lunar Sourcebook
edited by Grant H. Heiken, David T. Vaniman, Bevan M. French
©1991, Cambridge University Press

Complete Volume



Chapter 1: Introduction

Using the Moon: Available Data
The Contents of This Book

Chapter 2: Exploration, Samples, and Recent Concepts of the Moon

Lunar Exploration
Lunar Samples
New Views of the Moon from Exploration
New Concepts of the Moon Following Exploration

Chapter 3: The Lunar Environment

Earth and Moon Compared
The Astronaut Experience
Temperatures on the Lunar Surface
Lunar Heat Flow
Seismic Activity
Polar Environment
Meteoroid Bombardment
Ionizing Radiation

Chapter 4: Lunar Surface Processes

Impact Processes
Basaltic Volcanism
Tectonic Activity
Lunar Stratigraphy

Chapter 5: Lunar Minerals

Silicate Minerals
Oxide Minerals
Sulfide Minerals
Native FE
Phosphate Minerals

Chapter 6: Lunar Rocks

Mare Basaltic Lavas and Volcanic Glasses
Extended Mapping of Mare Lavas and Pyroclastic Deposits by Remote Spectral Observations
Highland Pristine Rocks: Igneous Rocks and Monomict Breccias
Highland Polymict Breccias
Spectral Properties of Highland Rocks

Chapter 7: The Lunar Regolith

Lunar Soil
Spectral Properties of the Lunar Regolith
Regolith Evolution and Maturity
Variation of Soils with Depth: The Lunar Core Samples
Models for Regolith Formation
Regolith Breccias
The Record of Solar History Preserved in the Lunar Regolith

Chapter 8: Chemistry

Where to Find a Particular Element Discussed
Overview of Planetary Separation Processes
Major Elements
Incompatible Trace Elements
Miscellaneous Minor Elements
Siderophile Elements
Vapor-Mobilized Elements
Solar-Wind-Implanted Elements

Chapter 9: Physical Properties of The Lunar Surface

Geothehnical Properties
Electrical and Electromagnetic Properties
Reflection and Emission of Radiation from the Moon

Chapter 10: Global and Regional Data About the Moon

Global and Regional Imagery and Data Sources
Surface Mineralogic and Geochemical Data
Geophysical Data
Regional Distribution of Lunar Rock Types
Stratigraphy and Relative Ages
Geology of the Apollo and Luna Landing Sites

Chapter 11: Afterword

Return to the Moon
Current Understanding of the Moon: A Base for Planning
Goals for Future Lunar Exploration
Unanswered Questions about the Moon
The Next Steps
A Permanent Presence


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