2020 Guide to the Night Sky

2020 Guide to the Night SkyFirefly Books, 2019, 112 pp., Paperback. $14.95. www.fireflybooks.com

2020 Guide to the Night Sky is the ideal resource for novices and experienced amateurs in the United States and Canada, and has been updated to include 16 more pages of even more new and practical information covering events to occur in North America’s night sky throughout 2020. The book has all the guidance, information, and data that skywatchers need. The book covers astrotourism, the impact on the hospitality industry and its growth linked to astronomical events and stargazing destinations, and space probes, including the seemingly immortal Hubble Telescope, taking our cameras to worlds farther and farther away, even to Mars. This guide is organized by month and provides lunar phases, planet activity, constellation maps and tables of planet and star movement, and sky activity and events. Each month has all the compass points, dates, and exact times to view the planets. There are also monthly constellation maps with dates, times, and hourly rates of comets, fireballs, and meteor showers. Skywatchers in the United States and Canada won’t miss a thing, even with just binoculars. Amateur astronomers have come to rely upon and expect each year’s edition of this proven sell-through title. It is the handy reference they grab as they head out to do some skywatching, and now they can use it to plan an astrovacation.

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