An Introduction to Comets:
Post-Rosetta Perspectives

An Introduction to Comets: Post-Rosetta PerspectivesSpringer, 2020, 503 pp., Hardcover. $89.99.

Written by a leading expert on comets, this textbook is divided into seven main elements that allows advanced students to appreciate the interconnections between the different elements. Each chapter introduces basic physics and chemistry, then new specific measurements by Rosetta instruments at comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko are discussed. A concerted effort has been made to distinguish between established fact and conjecture, and deviations and inconsistencies are brought out and their significance explained. The author links previous observations of comets Tempel 1, Wild 2, Hartley 2, Halley, and others and closes with three shorter chapters on related objects, the loss of comets, and prospects for future exploration. This textbook includes over 275 graphics and figures, most of which are original. The text is designed to support MSc students and new PhD students in the field wanting to gain a solid overview of comets.

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