Announcing the 2019 Dwornik Winners

The Dwornik Award was started in 1991 with a generous endowment by Dr. Stephen E. Dwornik, who wished to encourage U.S. students to become involved with NASA and planetary science. The Award consists of a plaque and a monetary award given for outstanding student presentations (in both poster and oral categories) or a plaque for honorable mentions (poster and oral) at the annual Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (LPSC) hosted by the Lunar and Planetary Institute (LPI). The awards are managed and judged by the Planetary Geology Division of the Geological Society of America.

Congratulations 2019 Stephen E. Dwornik student winners!

Graduate Oral Clara Maurel,  Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Partial Differentiation and Magnetic History of the IIE Iron Meteorite Parent Body
Hon. Mention – Grad Oral Xiaochen Mao, Washington University
Spin Evolution of Ceres Due to Impacts
Graduate Poster Alexandra E. Doyle, University of California Los Angeles
Oxygen Fugacities of Rocky Exoplanets from Polluted White Dwarf Stars
Hon. Mention – Grad Poster Amanda Ostwald, University of Nevada Las Vegas
Parental Melt of Nakhlites as Determined from Melt Inclusions
Undergraduate Oral Patrick Matulka, Colgate University
Rounding and Comminution Rates of Ice Clasts Using the Titan Tumbler: Fluctuating Roundness and Stepped Mass Loss
Hon. Mention – Undergrad Oral Christopher Yen, Brown University
An Updated Orbital Analysis of Ancient Strata in Terby Crater, Mars: The Thickest Deltaic Sequence on Mars?
Undergraduate Poster Walter Zimmerman, University of Alaska Anchorage
Bands on Europa: A New Geometry-Based Classification to Explain Why Bands Form
Hon. Mention – Undergrad Poster Steffanie Sillitoe-Kukas, Florida State University
Spherules in the Martian Polymict Breccias: I: Origin and Internal Chemical Zoning