Bok’s Giant Leap:
One Moon Rock’s Journey Through Time and Space

Bok's Giant LeapCrown Books for Young Readers, 2022, 48 pp., Hardcover. $17.99.

First man on the Moon Neil Armstrong’s only children’s book is a unique exploration of how Earth and the Moon came to be. The entire epic history of Earth and the Moon is recounted through the observations of one special Moon rock named Bok. Geologists say that rocks remember, and Bok certainly does. It recounts how its life began on Earth, until a collision with an asteroid catapults it into orbit during the creation of the Moon. From the Moon’s surface, Bok watches the developing planet change from afar — until a strange creature scoops him up and brings him back to Earth. When NASA honored Apollo 11 astronaut Neil Armstrong and gave him a piece of Moon rock from that mission, Armstrong playfully named the rock Bok in his acceptance speech. Award-winning illustrator Grahame Baker-Smith has created a breathtaking, one-of-a-kind picture book based on that speech, combining fascinating science and history with the grandest human adventure of all. For ages 4 to 8.

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