The Book of Flying Machines

The Book of Flying MachinesQEB Publishing, 2019, 24 pp., Hardcover. $14.95.

Cogz the Robot Dog and his mice sidekicks, Nutty and Bolt, are up in the sky, looking at different flying machines. But how do they work? Discover all about forces, learn about wings, find out about the fastest planes in the world, and much more! Covering key STEM themes of engineering, physics, and inventions, and with a fun quiz to test your knowledge, this book will get children engaged and hands-on with learning. The books covers helicopters, airplanes, jet engines, fighter jets, hot air balloons, jumbo jets, drones, and jet packs. Bite-sized text and colorful, informative illustrations introduce the transport topics in a simple, engaging way for young readers with a passion for machines. For ages 5 to 7.

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