Cosmochemistry, Second Edition

Cosmochemistry, Second EditionCambridge University Press, 2022, 452 pp., Hardcover. $79.99.

Cosmochemistry is a rapidly evolving field of planetary science, and the second edition of this classic text reflects the exciting discoveries made over the past decade from new spacecraft missions. Topics covered include the synthesis of elements in stars, behavior of elements and isotopes in the early solar nebula and planetary bodies, and compositions of extraterrestrial materials. Radioisotope chronology of the early solar system is also discussed, as well as geochemical exploration of planets by spacecraft and cosmochemical constraints on the formation of solar systems. Thoroughly updated throughout, this new edition features significantly expanded coverage of chemical fractionation and isotopic analyses; focus boxes covering basic definitions and essential background material on mineralogy, organic chemistry, and quantitative topics; and a comprehensive glossary. An appendix of analytical techniques and end-of-chapter review questions with solutions available online also contribute to making this the ideal teaching resource for courses on the solar system’s composition as well as a valuable reference for early career researchers.


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