Dynamics of Planetary Systems

Dynamics of Planetary SystemsPrinceton University Press, 2023, 640 pp., Hardcover. $150.00. www.press.princeton.edu

Celestial mechanics — the study of the movement of planets, satellites, and smaller bodies such as comets — is one of the oldest subjects in the physical sciences. Since the mid-twentieth century, the field has experienced a renaissance due to advances in space flight, digital computing, numerical mathematics, nonlinear dynamics, chaos theory, and the discovery of exoplanets. This modern, authoritative introduction to planetary system dynamics reflects these recent developments and discoveries and is suitable for advanced undergraduate and graduate students as well as researchers. The book treats both traditional subjects, such as the two-body and three-body problems, lunar theory, and Hamiltonian perturbation theory, as well as a diverse range of other topics, including chaos in the solar system, comet dynamics, extrasolar planets, planetesimal dynamics, resonances, tidal friction and disruption, and more. This book provides readers with all the core concepts, tools, and methods needed to conduct research in the subject.

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