Foundations of Convection with Density Stratification

Foundations of Convection with Density StratificationSpringer, 2021, 248 pp., Hardcover. $99.99.

This book continues the process of systematization of knowledge about convection. It provides a short compendium of knowledge on the linear and weakly nonlinear limits of the Boussinesq convection and a review of the theory on fully developed Boussinesq convection. The third chapter is devoted to a detailed derivation and a study of three aforementioned stages of stratified (anelastic) convection, with a full solution in the marginal stage provided for the first time. Detailed and systematic explanations are given. This book is intended mainly as a textbook for courses on hydrodynamics and convective flows, for the use of lecturers and students; however, it also serves as a practical reference for the entire scientific community.

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