Geological Globe of the World

10-inch (25-centimeter) assembled globe, $250.00; 18-inch (46-centimeter) assembled globe, $450.00; and 30-inch (76-centimeter) assembled globe, $3000.00.

This unique Geological Globe of the World features rich geological information content about Earth compiled from geological maps of hundreds of countries from both national and international organizations. This is a comprehensive and undistorted view of Earth’s global geology. Experience for the first time an accurate depiction of the geological features of the world without map projection distortions. Both the size and shape of geological features are accurately represented. This globe is available in three sizes:  small (10-inch diameter, or 25 centimeters), large (18-inch diameter, or 46 centimeters), and colossal (30-inch diameter, or 76 centimeters). It can be ordered as a build-it-yourself kit or assembled. It is lightweight and has a protective dry-erase and wet-erase surface. A ring stand for displaying the globe is included.

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