High Flyers:
15 Inspiring Women Aviators and Astronauts

Chicago Review Press, 2022, 224 pp., Hardcover. $16.99. www.chicagoreviewpress.com

These 15 women fly outside the lines. Soar beside Black Hawk helicopter pilot turned politician Tammy Duckworth, hot air balloonist Edgora McEwan, or medevac pilot Dede Murawsky. Higher up, meet commercial and military aviators such as the Coast Guard’s Ronaqua Russell, the first African American female to receive the prestigious Air Medal for her rescue efforts during Hurricane Harvey. Next, ride along with Tammie Jo Shults, whose story includes a harrowing catastrophic engine failure while in command of 148 people onboard Southwest’s Flight 1380. Others share their experiences in military high-performance jets, the Stratotanker, or while flying for the Blue Angels. Reaching past the bounds of Earth are astronauts who have launched in the cramped Russian rocket, the Soyuz, orbited Earth while conducting critical science experiments, or lived onboard the International Space Station. In all cases, the women in this book faced obstacles. Throughout their rise to incredible accomplishment, these courageous go-getters persevered and endured, insisting on success. Ultimately, each succeeded on her path to flight.  These diverse high-flyers are dreamers and doers who believed, despite the odds, that soaring is possible. This book is part of the Women of Power series, a timely, inclusive, international modern biography collection that profiles diverse, modern women who are changing the world in their fields while empowering others to follow their dreams.

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