Explore the Mysteries of the Red Planet

Mars: Explore the Mysteries of the Red PlanetDK Children, 2020, 80 pp., Hardcover. $16.99.

Has there ever been life on Mars? Will we be living there soon? HOW?! Discover the past, present, and future of the mysterious Red Planet in this beautiful nonfiction book for kids. The launch of Mars rovers by NASA, Europe, and China in 2020 is the biggest science news of the year, and these missions will reveal more about Mars than ever before. Get ahead with this amazing new book, which explores the evidence for past life on Mars, what’s happening there now, and what it might look like to one day live on the Red Planet. Be amazed by the tallest mountain in the solar system, discover how houses on Mars could look, and find out if you’ve got what it takes to join the teams traveling to Mars in the coming years. Children will adore this essential guide to Mars. Incredible images and fun illustrations will ignite their imagination and give them a fascinating insight into what the future might hold. For ages 7 to 9.

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