NASA Community College Network Invites Scientists to Participate

The NASA Community College Network (NCCN), operated by the SETI Institute through funding from NASA’s Science Activation program, is recruiting 25 NASA-funded scientists to participate from April 2021 through June 2022 to help shape the development of their network. This program will bring NASA subject matter experts, research findings, and educational resources into the science classrooms of the United States’ community college system. NCCN is accepting applications which will be considered to ensure broad-scale representation from across the United States for this pilot cohort.

Participants will work with NCCN to bring accessible content to community colleges. This might involve refining and developing materials or directly connecting with community college instructors and their students. The NCCN team will facilitate and coordinate interactions and activities with participating community college instructors. Participants will also attend a total of 10 hours of virtual project meetings, and sessions discussing best practices for sharing NASA science content and resources with community college instructors and students. Flexible options will be offered to fit your schedule. Participants will also contribute to the assessment of the NCCN program by participating in occasional surveys and interviews conducted by the program’s external evaluator.

If you are interested in this program and can make the commitment, please complete the participant form at

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