NASA Receives 12th Successive “Clean” Financial Audit Rating

NASA logoFor the 12th consecutive year, NASA has received an unmodified or “clean” opinion from an external auditor on its fiscal year 2022 financial statements.

The rating is the best possible audit opinion, certifying that NASA’s financial statements conform with accepted accounting principles for federal agencies and accurately present the agency’s financial position.

NASA’s FY22 Agency Financial Report (AFR) provides transparency into NASA’s strategic and operational posture and results by presenting a complete presentation of financials in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.

The AFR presents the agency’s progress over the past year, including the launch into orbit of the James Webb Space Telescope as the most advanced deep space observation telescope ever assembled. It also includes NASA’s Moon to Mars objectives, which will help the agency and its partners chart our future together in deep space. The steady progress of the Artemis program, which includes sending astronauts to the Moon, also is outlined in the report.

The agency produces its AFR as well as its Annual Performance Report (APR). NASA provides its APR as part of its annual Volume of Integrated Performance (VIPer). The VIPer reports prior-year performance with an updated performance plan for the current fiscal year, and a proposed performance plan for the upcoming fiscal year. The VIPer is published in conjunction with the President’s Budget Request.

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