National Geographic Rock & Mineral Game Set

National Geographic Rock & Mineral Game Set$24.99. Available on

The National Geographic Rock & Mineral Game Set has countless geology-themed games that kids will love. The kit contains 25 rock specimens, six double-sided game boards, one deck of 52 playing cards, one bag of assorted polished gemstones, a rock specimen bag, and instructions. Start with a rousing game of rock bingo to learn to identify rocks, gems, and minerals by sight and characteristics. Use rock specimens to play two different types of gem-tac-toe. Then play a game of mineral memory. The 52-card deck in this kit can also be used in trivia games or as flash cards. Kids can also play all their favorite traditional card games too! The kit also includes over half a pound of smaller polished gemstones, equaling more than 150 genuine geological specimens. A convenient carry bag is included to keep all the game pieces together. Learning is so much more fun when it’s accomplished through play. This STEM resource is a great way to encourage quality family time and an awesome opportunity for kids to play and grow together! For ages 6 and up.

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