New Views of the Moon 2 — Europe

May 4–5, 2017
Münster, Germany








New Views of the Moon 2 — Europe (NVM2-Europe) was the second of three workshops designed to gather input to the next edition of New Views of the Moon (published as Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry, Vol. 60, by the Mineralogical Society of America in 2006).

The first workshop was held at the Lunar and Planetary Institute, Houston, in 2016 ( NVM2-Europe was graciously hosted at the University of Münster in Germany by Carolyn van der Bogert and Harry Hiesinger.

Given that missions to the Moon since 2000 have been multi-national in nature, NVM2 is an international project. This second workshop in the series immediately followed the European Lunar Symposium, which was also held at the University of Münster.

In total, 98 people attended the meeting (25 students and 73 professionals). The two-day meeting was filled with talks on new data and ideas about the Moon, and significant input to each of the chapters that will comprise the next New Views of the Moon book was given. This very successful meeting was a vital conduit for international participation in the NVM2 project. The third and final NVM2 workshop will be held in Japan in April 2018.

For more information about the workshop, including the complete program and abstracts, visit the workshop website at