Opinion Articles Celebrating International Day of Persons with Disabilities

Credit: GeoSPACE, University of Florida Department of Geological Sciences.

To celebrate the International Day of Persons with Disabilities on December 3, 2022, Nature Reviews Earth & Environment published a series of opinion articles by geoscientists with disabilities, who outline their reflections on some of the challenges the community faces and offer solutions to make the Earth sciences a more inclusive space.

Flexible fieldwork — Anita M. S. Marshall, Jennifer L. Piatek, David A. Williams, Elisabeth Gallant, Sean Thatcher, Stephen Elardo, Amy J. Williams, Trevor Collins, and Yesenia Arroyo

GeoSPACE is addressing the barrier of inaccessible field courses with a “planetary mission” approach, combining online and accessible in-person participation.

Looking out for visual impairments — Paul Upchurch

Paul Upchurch discusses how individuals, institutions, and funding bodies must take meaningful action to increase the representation of, and fight prejudice against, physically impaired colleagues.

Breaking barriers for those with hidden disabilities — Isabel Carrera Zamanillo

Isabel Carrera Zamanillo provides insight into the barriers and stresses that people with hidden disabilities can face in academia and invites you to reflect on your role in the creation of spaces where people with disabilities can thrive.