Origami Galaxy for Kids

Origami Galaxy for KidsTuttle Publishing, 2019, Boxed kit with 48-page paperback book; 48 sheets of 6.75 x 6.75-inch origami sheets and a 21 x 24-inch poster, $14.99. www.tuttlepublishing.com

This cosmic kit is bursting with exciting models inspired by stars, planets, and space exploration. These easy origami projects will transform young folders into intergalactic travelers as they pilot their starship through the solar system and beyond! Celebrate the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11’s lunar landing in a hands-on way with this kit. Kids can learn about the Moon and what it takes to get there, as each model comes with information on astronomy and cosmology. Blend an interest in our universe with the fun of origami paper folding! The breathtaking night sky fascinates children everywhere, inspiring an appreciation of science and astronomy, as well as science fiction stories, comics, cartoons, and films. Many kids even dream of becoming an astronomer or astronaut when they grow up, which makes this unique kit a perfect gift. The wall poster that is included is packed with colorful graphics that relate interesting information about the solar system, the Milky Way galaxy, and the universe—the perfect way for kids to decorate their room or classroom while they deepen their knowledge of the cosmos. For ages 6 to 10.

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