Playful Planets Classic Card Games

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This set of ten classic kids’ card games has a planetary twist. Playful Planets has turned card games like Old Maid (The Lonely Astronaut), Go Fish (Fly to the Sky!), and Slap Jack (Slap Jupiter) into fun educational games that teach kids about our solar system. Did you know that kids tend to retain more information when they are having fun learning? Discovering the secrets of the sky has never been more fun! These ten card games teach kids fun facts about our planets, galaxies, Sun, the Moon, and astronauts. The set packs into one small box that fits easily into a purse, backpack, travel bag, even a back pocket. Playful Planet is a fun way to develop critical skills like pairing, matching, and memory retention while encouraging healthy competition, cooperation, creativity, imagination, and confidence. For ages 5 and up.

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