July 2019 • Issue 157


As the New Horizons science team gathered in Laurel, Maryland, during the last week of 2018, many of us reflected back on a similar gathering three-and-a-half years earlier.   (read more…)
Before Facebook, Twitter, and everything else we use today to share our news and excitement, there was television, radio, and the newspaper.  (read more…)

New and Noteworthy

Voyageur Press, 2017, 240 pp., Hardcover. $75.00. In December 1968, the crew of Apollo 8 captured images depicting Earth hanging like a lonely fruit in the vast darkness of space. The social and spiritual shock of that photograph — and those which followed — never fully diminished, even as Apollo missions followed at an incredible pace, […]  (read more…)
Motorbooks, 2019, 216 pp., Hardcover. $35.00. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 20th century’s greatest flight achievement, this book chronicles how 400,000 men and women across the U.S. worked to transport human beings across a quarter million miles of hostile space to an unexplored world, and how they ensured that the seven million engineered […]  (read more…)
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