April 2021 • Issue 164

Featured Story

Introduction Strategically located scientific drilling can be used to tap the Earth for evidence of evolutionary upheavals that transformed the planet. A good example is the Yucatán-6 borehole in Mexico that recovered rock samples from 1.2 and 1.3 kilometers beneath Earth’s surface. I used those samples 30 years ago to show that a buried, geophysically […]  (read more…)

From the Desk of Lori Glaze

When last I wrote, we were still anticipating the landing of the Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover on Mars. Since then, as the whole world knows, Perseverance safely touched down in Jezero Crater where it will search for the evidence of past life on Mars. But before the rover begins exploring Jezero Crater in earnest, we […]  (read more…)

New and Noteworthy

Elsevier, 2020, 260 pp., Paperback. $150.00. The Volcanoes of Mars offers a clear, cohesive summary of Mars volcanology. It begins with an introduction to the geology and geography of the Red Planet and an overview of its volcanic history, and continues to discuss each distinct volcanic province, identifying the common and unique aspects of each […]   (read more…)
Springer, 2021, 248 pp., Hardcover. $99.99. This book continues the process of systematization of knowledge about convection. It provides a short compendium of knowledge on the linear and weakly nonlinear limits of the Boussinesq convection and a review of the theory on fully developed Boussinesq convection. The third chapter is devoted to a detailed […]   (read more…)