In Memoriam

The Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory announced that petrologist and long-time Lamont staff member John Longhi passed away in August after battling... Read more
Geochemist Erik Hauri, whose work upended our understanding of the Moon’s formation and the importance of water in Earth’s interior, died September 5,... Read more
We at the Lunar and Planetary Institute (LPI) are very sad to note that our friend and colleague, Paul Spudis, has passed away. Spudis was an expert in... Read more
William (Bill) R. Ward passed away on September 20, 2018, at his home in Prescott, Arizona, after a battle with brain cancer. Ward was a preeminent... Read more
Verne R. Oberbeck died on July 25, 2018, after a year of rapidly declining health, including complications of Parkinson’s disease. Oberbeck was born... Read more
John Edward Westfall, former Professor of Geography and Environmental Sciences at San Francisco State University and Director of the Association of Lunar... Read more