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National Geographic, 2018, 352 pp., Hardcover. $50.00. Space Atlas combines updated maps, lavish photographs, and elegant illustrations to chart the solar system, the universe, and beyond. For space enthusiasts, science lovers, and star gazers, here is the newly revised edition of National Geographic’s enduring guide to space, with a new introduction by American hero […]
Springer, 2019, 405 pp., Hardcover. $169.99. This book approaches geological, geomorphological and topographical mapping from the point in the workflow at which science-ready datasets are available. Though there have been many individual projects on dynamic maps and online GISs, in which coding and data processing are given precedence over cartographic principles, cartography is more […]
Springer, 2019, 450 pp., Hardcover. $159.99. Liquid water is essential for the emergence of life at least as we know it on Earth. Written by recognized experts in the field, this volume provides a complete inventory of water throughout the Solar System and a comprehensive overview of the evolution of water from the interstellar […]
Cambridge University Press, 2019, 596 pp., Hardcover, $59.99.  Observations from the first spacecraft to orbit the planet Mercury have transformed our understanding of the origin and evolution of rocky planets. This volume is the definitive resource about Mercury for planetary scientists, from students to senior researchers. Topics treated in depth include Mercury’s chemical composition; […]
Cambridge University Press, 2019, 332 pp., Hardcover, $54.99. This book chronicles the history of climate science and planetary exploration, focusing on our ever-expanding knowledge of Earth’s climate, and the parallel research underway on some of our nearest neighbors: Mars, Venus and Titan. From early telescopic observation of clouds and ice caps on planetary bodies […]
University of Arizona Press, 2019, 368 pp., Hardcover, $45.00. Astronomer Gerard P. Kuiper ignored the traditional boundaries of his subject. Using telescopes and the laboratory, he made the solar system a familiar, intriguing place. “It is not astronomy,” complained his colleagues, and they were right. Kuiper had created a new discipline we now call […]
CRC Press, 2019, 846 pp., Hardcover, $399.95.  Astrobiology is the study of the origin, evolution, distribution, and future of life on Earth. This exciting and significant field of research also investigates the potential existence and search for extra-terrestrial life in the Solar System and beyond. This is the first handbook in this burgeoning and […]
3.15-inch crystal ball and resin stand, $29.88. Available on This solar system crystal ball is both educational and decorative. The arrangement of the eight planets of the solar system (Pluto was demoted in 2006) in their orbits helps children understand the relationship of the sun and planets. Created with engraving technology in 3D, this […]
Bellwether Media, 2019, 24 pp., Hardcover, $25.95. Is there an Earth twin hiding in the stars? Sara Seager is on a mission to find out! The astrophysicist is leading the quest to explore planets beyond our solar system. Early readers can discover more about Sara’s life and scientific work in this engaging biography. For […]
National Geographic Kids, 2018, 112 pp., Hardcover, $14.99. Get expert insights from National Geographic explorer and volcanologist Arianna Soldati in this lava-hot book, exploding with the most up-to-date geological intel straight from the field. Plunge deep beneath Earth’s crust to find out how volcanoes form. Get up close to clouds of ash and molten […]
Jump! 2019, 24 pp., Hardcover. $25.65. In Geologist, carefully leveled text and vibrant, full-color photographs take early fluent readers on an informational interview with a life scientist. Readers learn about the day-to-day responsibilities and challenges of this career and the things they can do now to prepare for work as a geologist. An infographic illustrates the […]
$22.99. Are you ready to explore the galaxy and beyond? The Qurious Space Card Game delivers hours of portable, safe, family fun. Play with up to 18 others at a time! Qurious Space was designed by moms to help develop social skills, spatial reasoning, memory, STEM interest and analytical logic. It’s perfect for space […]
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