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Oxford University Press, 2019, 336 pp., Hardcover. $26.95. Philosophers and poets in times past tried to figure out why the stainless Moon... Read more
Cambridge University Press, 2019, 350 pp., Hardcover. $64.99. For many years, planetary science has been taught as part of the astronomy... Read more
Cambridge University Press, 2019, 666 pp., Hardcover, $110.00. How do planetary scientists analyze and interpret data from laboratory,... Read more
Springer, 2020, 241 pp., Hardcover. $159.99. This book explores the dynamics of planetary and stellar fluid layers, including atmospheres,... Read more
Springer, 2019, 124 pp., Paperback. $59.99. This Springer Brief in Astronomy summarizes the latest relevant research and discoveries that... Read more
Firefly Books, 2019, 112 pp., Paperback. $14.95. 2020 Guide to the Night Sky is the ideal resource for novices and experienced amateurs... Read more
Workman Publishing, 2019. 10 × 6.75-inch reference cards, $15.00 for 5 cards, $120.00 for 40 cards. This is the 38th edition of Kim... Read more
52 standard playing-card-size flashcards, $24.99. Learning about the solar system can be a bit tough, with so many planets and their... Read more
One disc, $24.99. On February 6, 2018, the world watched as the first Falcon Heavy rocket blasted toward the heavens. It was the most powerful... Read more
Two discs, $29.99. Among the stars in the night sky wander the worlds of our own solar system, each home to truly awe-inspiring sights:  a... Read more
Sourcebooks Wonderland, 2019, 40 pp., Hardcover. $17.99. This is a heartwarming story of a friendship-seeking Moon that also celebrates... Read more
Little, Brown Young Readers, 2019, 40 pp., Hardcover. $18.99. This book tells the inspiring true story of mathematician Katherine... Read more
Quarry Books, 2019, 80 pp., Paperback. $12.99. Dig in and learn about the Earth under your feet. Little Learning Labs: Geology for... Read more
Gareth Stevens Publishing, 2019, 32 pp. Hardcover. $26.60. As Earth moves around the sun, the seasons on Earth change. The movement of... Read more
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