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University of Arizona Press, 2020, 504 pp., Hardcover. $75.00. Are we alone in the universe? How did life arise on our planet? How do we search for life beyond Earth? These profound questions excite and intrigue broad cross sections of science and society. Answering these questions is the province of the emerging, strongly interdisciplinary […]
Cambridge University Press, 2020, 342 pp., Hardcover. $79.99. Concise and self-contained, this textbook gives a graduate-level introduction to the physical processes that shape planetary systems, covering all stages of planet formation. Writing for readers with undergraduate backgrounds in physics, astronomy, and planetary science, Armitage begins with a description of the structure and evolution of […]
Cambridge University Press, 2019, 300 pp., Hardcover. $49.99. Planetary scientist and educator Ken Coles has teamed up with Ken Tanaka from the United States Geological Survey’s Astrogeology team, and Phil Christensen, Principal Investigator of the Mars Odyssey orbiter’s THEMIS science team, to produce this all-purpose reference atlas, The Atlas of Mars. Each of the […]
Springer, 2020, 533 pp., Hardcover. $179.99. The Venus Express spacecraft, which was launched in November 2005 and ceased activity in December 2014, has brought about a new wealth of data on Venus’ atmosphere, surface, and space environment. Following the completion of this landmark mission, an overview of the current state of scientific understanding of […]
Firefly Books, 2019, 128 pp., Paperback. $24.95. Leading experts in the field provide a compelling introduction to the space rocks that enter Earth’s atmosphere at speeds ranging from 25,000 mph to 160,000 mph. Scientists estimate that about 48.5 tons of meteoritic material falls on Earth each day. These messengers from space give us a […]
Firefly Books, 2019, 256 pp., Paperback, $19.95. The Firefly Guide to Minerals, Rocks and Gems is designed for easy and reliable identification of minerals, rocks, and gems. The identification process begins with the stone’s streak color, which is how the book is organized:  blue, red, yellow, brown, green, black, and white. Using a sequence […]
MIT Press, 2019, 304 pp., Hardcover. $27.95. Alice Gorman is a space archaeologist:  She examines the artifacts of human encounters with space. These objects, left behind on Earth and in space, can be massive (dead satellites in eternal orbit) or tiny (discarded zip ties around a defunct space antenna). They can be bold (an […]
864 pieces. $69.99. Build and display this spectacular LEGO® International Space Station (ISS). Packed with authentic ISS details, including a posable Canadarm2 and two rotating joints that coincide with eight adjustable “solar panels,” this 864-piece set is a wonderful gift idea for space enthusiasts, adult LEGO® fans, or any experienced builder. This model comes […]
$79.99. This Mars Space Station from Playmobil comes with two astronauts, a robot, a functioning double-laser shooter, lots of equipment and accessories, and various light and sound effects. This set can be combined with Playmobil’s Mission Rocket with Launch Site and Satellite Meteoroid Laser (each sold separately) for added fun! Two AAA batteries are […]
$49.99. Demonstrate rotation, revolution, and orbit in three dimensions with this durable, washable solar system set. Teach the position, order, size, and shape of the planets and the Sun. This set is also great for creating an out-of-this-world playroom or bedroom. Each colorful planet (and Sun) inflates easily, and loops are included for easy […]
$24.99. This 100-piece floor jigsaw puzzle is a perfect for little ones to learn about space and the solar system. The three-foot puzzle also comes with 21 put-together icons that match up to planets, the solar system, the Sun, and astronauts. Also included is a guide book that has details about each of the […]
Rockridge Press, 2019, 124 pp., Paperback. $9.99. Available on Take an exciting, fact-filled journey that goes where all great space books for kids should — to our solar system and beyond! Super Cool Space Facts is bursting with information about stormy planets, exploding stars, weird black holes, amazing landers, and more. Blast past other […]
Frances Lincoln Children’s Books, 2020, 64 pp., Hardcover. $15.99. In this imaginatively illustrated book from the “Work It, Girl” series, discover how Mae Jemison became the first African American woman in space in this true story of her life. Then, learn 10 key lessons from her work you can apply to your own life. […]
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