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Elsevier, 2021, 176 pp., Paperback. $89.95. Ultraviolet Astronomy and the Quest for the Origin of Life addresses the use of astronomical observations in the ultraviolet range to better understand the generation of complex, life-precursor molecules. The origin of RNA is still under debate but seems to be related to the generation of pools of complex […]
Firefly Books, 2021, 120 pp., Paperback. $14.95. This book is an ideal resource for both novice and experienced sky watchers in the United States and Canada, with advice, information, and data that enthusiasts need to understand and enjoy the wonders of the night sky. This in-depth guide first introduces readers to the objects in […]
Crown, 2020, 288 pp., Hardcover. $28.99. Mars was once similar to Earth, but today there are no rivers, no lakes, no oceans. Coated in red dust, the terrain is bewilderingly empty. And yet multiple spacecraft are circling Mars, sweeping over Terra Sabaea, Syrtis Major, the dunes of Elysium, and Mare Sirenum — on the […]
Springer, 2021, 250 pp., Hardcover. $159.99. This book explores creative solutions to the unique challenges inherent in crafting livable spaces in extraterrestrial environments. The goal is to foster a constructive dialogue between the researchers and planners of future (space) habitats. The authors explore the diverse concepts of the term “habitability” from the perspectives of the […]
World Scientific, 2021, 572 pp., Hardcover. $128.00. Hurtling through the atmosphere, in a blaze of light and reverberating percussions, the arrival of a meteorite on Earth is a magical, rare, and precious sight. These characteristics have accordingly ensured a long, yet often controversial history. For all this, meteorites are cosmic messengers. They tell us […]
W. W. Norton & Company, 2021, 416 pp., Hardcover. $28.95. If the United States couldn’t catch up to the Soviets in space, how could it compete with them on Earth? That was the question facing John F. Kennedy at the height of the Cold War — a perilous time when the Soviet Union built […]
Princeton University Press, 2021, 272 pp., Hardcover. $32.00. In 1977 NASA shot a mixtape into outer space. The Golden Record onboard the Voyager spacecrafts contained world music and sounds of Earth to represent humanity to any extraterrestrial civilizations. To date, the Golden Record is the only human-made object to have left the solar system. […]
CG Publishing, 2021, 230 pp., Paperback. $29.95. In a sequel to his book Apollo on the Moon in Perspective, author Ron Wells now brings a totally unique look at the Moon as seen through the J-mission photography from the Apollo program. Using cutting-edge photogrammetry techniques, he has created hundreds of views of some of […]
DK, 2020, 528 pp., Hardcover. $50.00. Marvel at the wonders of the universe, from stars and planets to black holes and nebulae, in this exploration of our solar system and beyond. Universe opens with a look at astronomy and the history of the Universe, using three-dimensional artwork to provide a comprehensive grounding in the […]
One disc, $24.99. It is a mission that might prove impossible. In the fall of 2020, a NASA spacecraft called OSIRIS-REx attempts to reach out and grab a piece of an asteroid named Bennu and bring it back to Earth. Can the mission team pull it off? They have just three chances to extend […]
$12.99. Behold the Moon in all its glory with this 54-card set of deluxe playing cards. Launch into your favorite card game while immersing yourself in photos of the Moon from the NASA archives. Each playing card features extraordinary NASA photography and beautifully designed card backs using two pantone colors, all in a custom […]
Wide Eyed Editions, 2021, 32 pp., Hardcover. $17.99. Imagine if you could have an adventure in space. What if you could have MILLIONS of them? With this story-building book, you can tell your own space-inspired stories, over and over again. Just read the question and choose from the vibrant pictures on the page to create a new adventure. This […]
Quarto Publishing, 2020, 120 pp., Hardcover. $17.85. Get digging for rocks and minerals with this striking new book. A bright, contemporary design will engage young children’s interest and maintain a fascination with rocks for years to come. Each alphabet entry is accompanied by a short chunk of text, designed to appeal to young readers and encourage […]
Crown Books for Young Readers, 2021, 40 pp., Hardcover. $17.99. Help throw Sun a birthday celebration in this hilarious picture book, complete with nonfiction facts. The planets are throwing Sun a birthday party! Mercury wants to thank Sun for how close they are. (Being the closest planet has its perks.) Earth enjoys Sun’s warmth, […]
Rockridge Press, 2020, 68 pp., spiral-bound. $18.55. Available on Get even the smallest astronomer excited for the big universe of space, from the bright and burning Sun to our own blue Earth to ice-capped Pluto and every planet in between. With this book, kids will explore the entire solar system through incredible photos and […]
$24.99. Available on The National Geographic Rock & Mineral Game Set has countless geology-themed games that kids will love. The kit contains 25 rock specimens, six double-sided game boards, one deck of 52 playing cards, one bag of assorted polished gemstones, a rock specimen bag, and instructions. Start with a rousing game of rock […]
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