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Firefly Books, 2023, 144 pp., Hardcover. $39.95. This new edition of a classic book (previously published only in black and white) contains star charts and pictures, for all those who observe the night sky with unaided eyes, binoculars, or telescopes. It is equally useful for beginners and experienced old hands at astronomy. A legend […]
University of Chicago Press, 2023, 248 pp., Hardcover. $27.50. Mars and its secrets have fascinated and mystified humans since ancient times. Due to its vivid color and visibility, its geologic kinship with Earth, and its potential as our best hope for settlement, Mars embodies everything that inspires us about space and exploration. For the […]
William Morrow, 2023, 528 pp., Hardcover. $40.00. The story of NASA’s Astronaut Class 8 is an unprecedented look at these extraordinary explorers who broke barriers and blasted through glass ceilings. Egos clashed, ambitions flared, and romances bloomed as the New Guys competed with one another and navigated the internal politics at NASA for a […]
Elsevier, 2023, 608 pp., Paperback. $165.00. Dynamics of Plate Tectonics and Mantle Convection, written by specialists in the field, gathers state-of-the-art perspectives on the dynamics of plate tectonics and mantle convection. Plate tectonics is a unifying theory of solid Earth sciences. In its initial form, it was a kinematic theory that described how the […]
Elsevier, 2022, 342 pp., Paperback. $165.00. New Frontiers in Astrobiology presents a simple and concise overview of the emerging field of astrobiology. Astrobiology studies the evolution, origin, and future of life on Earth and beyond. This book provides a brief overview of the current research and future status of this fascinating field. The book […]
Elsevier, 2023, 316 pp., Paperback. $165.00. Interstellar Travel: Purpose and Motivations is a comprehensive, technical look at the necessary considerations for interstellar travel addressed by leading experts in the field, from scientists studying possible destinations (exoplanets) and the vast distances between, to those concerned with building institutions and capabilities in society that could sustain […]
Available from My Science Shop, 2022, 90 pp., Paperback. $14.99. Get your very own copy of the first geographic pocket atlas of Mars! Created for Mars Year 37, this pocket atlas and almanac includes maps related to the geography, geology, landing sites, and history of Mars. Forty-eight color physical map pages were newly created for […]
Cambridge University Press, 2022, 274 pp., Hardcover. $89.99. The NASA Dawn mission, launched in 2007, aimed to visit two of the most massive protoplanets of the main asteroid belt: Vesta and Ceres. The aim was to further our understanding of the earliest days of the solar system and compare the two bodies to better […]
Cambridge University Press, 2023, 150 pp., Paperback. $19.99. The two most fascinating questions about extraterrestrial life are where it is found and what it is like. From our Earth-based vantage point, we are keen to know where the closest life to us is and how similar it might be to life on our home […]
Kevin M. Caruso, 2023, 100 pp., Hardcover. $27.17. Available from This book explores the adventure of Pluto’s journey from the ninth planet in the solar system to the first Kuiper belt object. Find out about Pluto’s effects on the lives of those this little world has touched: Percival Lowell and his observatory and passion […]
$99.95. This richly detailed, injection-molded twelve-inch desktop globe of Enceladus features images supplied by Cassini during flybys in October and November of 2009. There are 80 identified and labeled features on this single-seam globe of Saturn’s sixth-largest moon, including craters, dorsa, fossae, planitiae, rupes, and sulci. The globe comes with an acrylic base and […]
23 pieces. $19.99. This toddler-friendly space toy has got it all. Little astronauts launch into a universe of open-ended play with parents and playtime partners as they build the space shuttle, blast astronauts into space, and act out endless stories of exploration and discovery. And, as kids’ imaginations take them out of this world, […]
Flying Eye Books, 2022, 80 pp., Hardcover. $19.99. What is it like to live in space? Is there life on other planets? What exactly is a black hole? Join Professor Astro Cat and the gang as they travel across space to find out everything there is to know about our galaxy, the solar system, […]
DK Children, 2023, 72 pp., Hardcover, $16.99. Become an eyewitness to the fascinating world of outer space in this picture-led reference guide that takes readers on a visual tour of Earth and its neighborhood with this spectacular planetary guide. Children will be mesmerized by this eyewitness view from Mercury to Neptune, of the rocky […]
$45.00. Since 2016, astronomers have been searching for a distant planet to explain the unique orbits of observable objects in the solar system. Do you have what it takes to find Planet X? In this game, players take on the role of astronomers and participate in a real scientific investigation. A free companion app […]
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