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Wiley, 2017, 402 pp., Hardcover, $199.95 Geochronology techniques enable the study of geological evolution and environmental change over time. This volume integrates two aspects of geochronology:  one based on classical methods of orientation and spatial patterns, and the other on ratios of radioactive isotopes and their decay products. The chapters illustrate how material science […]
Springer, 2017, 276 pp., Paperback, $34.99. In these days of computers and CCD cameras, visual comet observers can still contribute scientifically useful data with the help of this handy reference for use in the field. Comets are one of the principal areas for productive pro-amateur collaboration in astronomy, but finding comets requires a different approach than […]
Springer, 2017, 186 pp., Hardcover. $39.99. This book offers a fascinating account of the life and scientific achievements of Giovanni Domenico Cassini, or Cassini I, the most famous astronomer of his time, who is remembered today especially for his observations of the rings and satellites of Saturn and his earlier construction of the great […]
Cambridge University Press, 2017, 298 pp., Paperback, $24.99. In this wide-ranging survey, Peter J. Bowler explores the phenomenon of futurology: predictions about the future development and impact of science and technology on society and culture in the twentieth century. Utilizing science fiction, popular science literature, and the novels of the literary elite, Bowler highlights […]
Oxford University Press, 2018, 216 pp., Hardcover, $19.95. The marvelous complexity of the universe emerges from several deep laws and a handful of fundamental constants that fix its shape, scale, and destiny. There is a deep structure to the world that at the same time is simple, elegant, and beautiful. Where did these laws […]
Ulysses Press. 2017, 256 pp., Paperback, $16.95. Have fun exploring the stars with close-up views of space objects right from your own backyard. It doesn’t take an astronomy degree to feel like an astronaut and explore space with a small telescope. This book takes the mystery and struggle out of exploring the unknown and […]
$219.00. Twelve-centimeter-diameter globe with stand. The AstroReality Lunar Model is not only a scientific marvel and stunning piece of craftsmanship, it’s also a source of knowledge and fun. The model is precise to 0.006 millimeters per pixel based on data captured by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. From comprehensive information about the Moon’s most iconic landmarks […]
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2017, 80 pp., Hardcover. $18.99. Asteroids bombard Earth all the time. Some burn up in a flash of light. Others explode, smashing windows and throwing people to the ground. But a few have hit our planet, destroying everything nearby on impact. Follow scientists as they search for dangerous asteroids in space, […]
Penguin Random House, 2018. 40 pp., Hardcover. $16.99. This musical mission to Mars will have young astronauts talking and singing about the science of space travel. Explore the science behind a trip to Mars, from launch to landing on the Red Planet. Set to the tune of “The Farmer in the Dell,” this jaunty […]
Gareth Stevens Publishing, 2018, 48 pp., Hardcover. $31.95. When the Soviet Union’s satellite Sputnik 1 entered Earth’s orbit in 1957, people in the United States demanded that Americans “catch up” with space technology. The Space Race between the two world superpowers had begun. This authoritative volume explains how the technology developed, who developed it, and […]
$16.00. MMRY:  Moons and Planets™ is a matching game for future astronauts, terraformers, and near-space tourists and the first in a line of unique memory matching games. MMRY created this game using amazing photos printed on large chunky discs. It contains 46 moon and planet tiles and a guide book explaining each moon and […]
$25.00. You’ll cherish the sight of the full Moon in this beautiful circular jigsaw puzzle that’s 18 inches in diameter. Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter imagery of the nearside Moon provides a vivid picture that’s affixed to a strong cardboard backing and then die-cut to produce the 350 puzzle pieces. The finished product can be coated […]
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