Spotlight on Education

For upcoming educator and public engagement opportunities regarding NASA planetary exploration, contact local astronomical societies, planetariums, museums, local scientists, and NASA’s Solar System Ambassadors ( Ask them to join your events and share their experiences or resources with your audience. Total Lunar Eclipse on May 26, 2021 The eclipse will be visible throughout the Pacific […]
Keep your audiences up-to-date with the latest news from NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover mission. For more information, visit
Resources are available for those interested in learning more about Mars. JPL’s Mars Resources collection includes activities for families to do at home, videos, animations, stories, and articles. For more information, visit
The Science Mission Directorate (SMD) Science Activation Program seeks to enable NASA science experts and content into the learning environment more effectively and efficiently with learners of all ages. Specific focus areas for this opportunity include: Heliophysics content, including the upcoming annular (2023) and total (2024) solar eclipses Dissemination of SMD assets (science content and […]
The NASA Postdoctoral Program (NPP) supports NASA’s goal to expand scientific understanding of the Earth and the universe in which we live. Selected by a competitive, peer-review process, NPP fellows complete one- to three-year fellowships that offer scientists and engineers unique opportunities to conduct research in fields of science relevant to NASA. Interested applicants may […]
The American Astronomical Society (AAS) Education Prize recognizes outstanding contributions to the education of the public, students, and the next generation of professional astronomers. Nominations for AAS prizes must be submitted online by June 30, 2021. For more information, visit
The NASA Community College Network (NCCN), operated by the SETI Institute through funding from NASA’s Science Activation program, is recruiting 25 NASA-funded scientists to participate from April 2021 through June 2022 to help shape the development of their network. This program will bring NASA subject matter experts, research findings, and educational resources into the science […]
Spotlight on Education highlights events and programs that provide opportunities for planetary scientists to become involved in education and public engagement. If you know of space science educational programs or events that should be included, please contact the Lunar and Planetary Institute's Education Department at [email protected].