Spotlight on Education

Upcoming opportunities exist for educator and public engagement around the broader topics of NASA planetary exploration. Contact local astronomical societies, planetariums and museums, local scientists, and NASA’s Solar System Ambassadors (, and ask them to join your events and share their experiences or resources with your audience. NASA: 60 Years and Counting From 2018 through […]
The LPI’s education and public engagement team is pleased to assist planetary scientists in their communication and public engagement activities. LPI conducts scientist workshops to provide insight on meeting audience needs, and has placed a variety of recommendations online.  For more information, visit
The American Astronomical Society (AAS) is sponsoring a free skill-building workshop to support early-career astronomers in doing effective outreach to schools, families, and the public. The AAS Astronomy Ambassadors program (now in its seventh year) is offering two days of hands-on training, extensive resources, and pre-tested activities — plus a like-minded group of peers. This […]
Spotlight on Education highlights events and programs that provide opportunities for planetary scientists to become involved in education and public engagement. If you know of space science educational programs or events that should be included, please contact the Lunar and Planetary Institute's Education Department at [email protected].