Recent Developments in Geomorphology Research

Recent Developments in Geomorphology ResearchNova Science Publishers, 2021, 90 pp., Paperback. $82.00.

Geomorphology is defined as the study of the physical features of the surface of the earth and their relation to its geological structures. Geomorphology is useful not only for understanding the surface evolution of Earth, but of other solid planetary bodies as well. This monograph comprises three chapters, each detailing a specific recent development in geomorphology research. Chapter 1 describes the geomorphology of the Campo de Calatrava Volcanic Field in Central Spain, focusing on its volcanoes and the interference that any volcanic activity has produced in other forms of modeling and quaternary deposits. Chapter 2 analyzes the triggering of snow avalanches in the middle mountains of the Asturian Central Massif and their morphogenetic role in the dynamics and modeling of its slopes, a phenomenon that is impacted by the changing global climate. Chapter 3 analyzes the former fluvial erosion on Mars, adopting a model called SIMWE (SIMulated Water Erosion) to recreate the geomorphological features observed on the planet today in an effort to understand its ancient climatic conditions.

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