Secrets of the Moon:
Understanding and Analysing the Lunar Surface

Secrets of the MoonCRC Press, 2022, 244 pp., Hardcover. $144.00.

Secrets of the Moon provides a unique account of the origin of key features on the lunar surface. Containing historical accounts and the latest observations from the field, in addition to exciting data from the Apollo manned missions, this book describes the development of our current understanding of the Moon. It also explores the fracturing of the Moon, a topic not explored in other literature in the area, and contains a statistical treatment of the smaller craters of the Moon as well as a geological treatment of the larger craters. This moderately technical account is designed to clarify and update the general thinking on the nature and origin of the most important lunar surface features for both undergraduate and research students. It may also be read by the professional scientist, especially the astronomer and the geologist who has found little time to study the Moon’s topography, in addition to the lunar amateur astronomer and even the dedicated layman with a keen interest in lunar science. The book excludes nearly all mathematical symbols to remain accessible to those without a formal education in the area.

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