Six-Inch Percival Lowell Mars Globe

Six-Inch Percival Lowell Mars Globe$34.95.

Astronomy magazine has partnered with the Lowell Observatory to create a truly unique globe. This high-quality, injection-molded six-inch globe clearly depicts the intricate details Percival Lowell included on his 1911 Mars drawing. Among the most intriguing artifacts in the Putnam Collection Center at Lowell Observatory are a series of small Mars globes created by Percival Lowell himself. Their most striking aspect is their tangle of intersecting straight lines, which represent the famous “canals” on Mars. Lowell famously thought they were the work of intelligent beings who created a vast irrigation system to pump water from the polar caps to grow crops in the equatorial regions. This replica of one of the Lowell Mars globes was chosen for its high aesthetic value. It is highly detailed and made of long-lasting durable plastic with just a single seam between hemispheres, The globe comes with an acrylic base with a built-in magnifier and an informational flyer.

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